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  1. How does it work?

    ROPD gathers information by intercepting player information packets from the server. We do not have any access to the game database.

  2. Then how do you know my level and equipment?

    Your character's level, the display sprites of your three headgear slots, and your left and right hand equipment are sent to the game client whenever it enters view of another player. This is to facilitate the game client to properly display characters.

  3. I'm worried about the security of my account and characters.

    There's no reason to be. We aren't keeping secrets; everything we know about game characters is on display. It's impossible for us to know your account name or login information.

  4. How can you tell my alternate characters?

    All of your characters share a unique account identifier. Using this we can tell which characters are your alternates.

  5. What information do you not have?

    We can't tell exactly what headgear you have, just the sprite it uses. Your equipment and any cards you have in them will also remain secret unless you chose to make this information public.

  6. How can I remove Equips for my character? I don't want anyone to know that I have Neutral Elven Ears [1]!

    Use the scissors icon ("remove equipment window") on your accounts/characters management page.

  7. What happens if I name change or delete a character?

    Any character that is deleted or has its name changed will remain in the database. This means that if you change your character's name, you may actually see it under both the old and new names.

  8. Can my information be removed from the page?


    • Characters that no longer exist may be flagged for deletion on your accounts/characters management page. Deletion is intended for characters that have been name changed or deleted.
    • Privacy options exist for those who wish to hide various details of their characters.

    We are no longer accepting deletion requests by e-mail. To remove your nonexistent characters from the database, sign up for an account by following the instructions in the next section.

  9. Some of my characters are not in the database. How come?

    We have trained professionals traveling the world of Midgard searching for new players and characters. At times though we may have issues finding you, or you simply may have not logged that character for a while.

  10. Why don't I see animated headgears?

    ROPD makes use of Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG). This image format is supported by Firefox 3+ and Opera 9.5+. Google Chrome users can enable APNG support by installing an extension.

  11. What about Gravity? What is your relation with them?

    ROPD has not been approved by Gravity, nor would we expect them to approve of such a player database. However, we feel that the data gathered has been done so legitimately and can be used to improve the game community. We wish to see ROPD become one of many tools that players use to interact with the game. We do however apologize to the Gravity staff for the increased support requests that this site may create.

  12. What plans do you have for ROPD in the future?

    While we are happy with the current state of ROPD, we will continue to refine and improve the site. We are looking into the possibilities of solving world hunger and curing all forms of cancer, but there are no guarantees.


  1. How does it work?

    Registered users can claim accounts and choose a privacy setting for each account and character they own.

  2. That's not opt-out!

    Barring a reality-shattering breakthrough, this is about as good as it'll get.

  3. How do I sign up?

    To eliminate the need to store usernames and passwords on our servers, we have outsourced registration to several third parties. Anyone can sign in using a free Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Windows Live, LiveJournal, or Twitter account. This is done in such a way that no login information is ever shared with ROPD. ROPD discards anything it might receive except for a string (such as "https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=1234567890") that uniquely identifies the user across multiple login sessions.

    • Begin by clicking the "log in" link at the top of the page.
    • Sign in at one of the supported third party sites.
    • Choose a name for your ROPD account.
    • That's it! You can now claim game accounts, manage them, send messages to other users, and so on. All of these features are available under the "profile" link that appears in place of the "log in" link when you are logged in.
  4. Can I change my nickname?

    Not directly, but you can pretend that you lost access to your account. See the next question.

  5. I forgot or lost access to my third party account. Can you help me?

    1. Register a new ROPD account.
    2. Complete the claims process for a game account registered to the old ROPD account. Its status will change to "validated, but already claimed by someone else." This is important: The status must begin with "validated"; merely "already claimed by someone else" is not sufficient.
    3. Send us an e-mail with either the claimed game account ID or the names of the old and new ROPD accounts, and state which ROPD account (old or new) you would prefer to keep. The other ROPD account will have its assets transferred to the designated ROPD account before being deleted.
    4. Take good care of your login information. This measure is intended only as a last resort and not as a substitute for responsible account management.
  6. How can I find my account ID if I hid my characters before losing access?

    If you open a vending or buying store, your account ID will appear on Ragial. Alternatively, you may use an AI such as MyID, but we cannot provide support for it.

  7. I have another question!

    We've only just started writing this section, so it's still incomplete! We'll be filling in the gaps over time.


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