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Account and Character Management


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You may give accounts a descriptive label of up to 25 characters which will be shown on your public profile in lieu of the account number. You may optionally prefix the label with a number and comma to manipulate the order in which accounts are listed; the number and comma will not be displayed on the page. Examples: "1,main"; "2,alts".


For accounts, <not set> and show all are identical. This selection is equivalent to how ROPD functioned before the implementation of this system.
For characters, <not set> tells ROPD to use the account default; anything else will override the default.

Note that privacy settings are ignored when you are viewing your own accounts' pages and can also be overridden by you for specific friends.

For your convenience, the table can be filtered by account id, server, character name, and class. In addition the following self-explanatory keywords are available.


Activating the pushpin icon ("link to profile") for an account causes the account to be listed on your public profile, and also displays a link to your profile on the account's page.

Activating the trash can icon ("mark for deletion") for a character causes the character to be deleted during the next daily deletion cycle, provided that the character has not been seen for at least two weeks and an identically-named character has not been deleted within the past 90 days. This option should be invoked only for deleted or name changed characters.

The scissors icon ("remove equipment window") requires no explanation.

When you are finished, click the save changes button. This will update settings for all accounts and characters, not only the ones that are presently visible in the table.


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