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  1. No flaming, harassing, abusive language, personal attacks, racial attacks, religious attacks, or sexual-related insults and slang. This includes linking to outside sources that contain such content.
  2. No character assassination posts. Any posts that single out a player or group of players to issue a slanderous comment regarding a dispute that started in-game will be removed without any warning.
  3. Please try to be respectful to everyone at all times. No flame wars or huge arguments. That's what other forums are for.
  4. No spam.
  5. No trolling.
  6. No sockpuppets.
  7. No content is allowed in post, picture, link, or any other format which depicts any material which is above the PG-13 limit. This includes pornography, nudity, simulated gore or real gore, violence, racism, or anything similar. This rule allows for some swearing but excessive swearing as determined by the staff will be removed.
  8. No personal information of anyone within the RO community may be posted without the express permission of the other party.
  9. Sharing your account with a banned user to bypass their ban is not permitted. Likewise, posting for someone who's banned is not allowed either.
  10. Selling accounts/characters, items, or Zeny for real money is prohibited. Accounts created with the sole intention of RMT will be instantly banned.
  11. Administrators may remove any content for any reason at any time if they deem it necessary in keeping with the spirit of a proper fansite built on courteous behavior and encouragement of well-meaning discussion.
  12. The rules may change at any time for any reason.

References: WarpPortal General Forum Rules of Conduct, iRO Wiki Rules


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