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Our cover letters are written by management professionals that have spent the time in the trenches and know exactly how employers think when sorting through piles of resume applications, best financial analyst resume actually did you know that most employers take more notice of what your cover letter says than a lot of your resume.

Quite frankly, there’s a lot of software out there to help you write a cover letter but it really needs to be hand written and catchy. It can mean the difference between getting the interview or not getting the interview. Try one of our high quality hand written cover letters today.

Getting a job can be difficult in the modern world. Due to increasing competition and the need for expertise, employers only look for the best. Some of the most coveted jobs in the world have the lowest acceptance rates. For example, more than 3.7 million apply to Google every year. Less than 4,000 get accepted into the company. On the other hand, getting a job at Goldman Sachs is statistically more difficult than getting into Harvard University.

Prospective employees try their hardest to differentiate their applications. But how do you differentiate yourself from thousands of people? As the job market shifts dramatically, prospective employees look for inventive ways to set their applications apart. Employers aren’t concerned with college degrees as much as they used to be. For example, consider Google: one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google’s most coveted positions do not require a degree.

Companies usually decide whether to accept or reject a job application based on the covering letter. The cover letter is the accompanying document that is sent along with the resume. It is also known as the letter of introduction. This letter is extremely important, since it is the only way by which a prospective employee can highlight their strengths and weaknesses to employers.
The curriculum vita is a simple overview of a person’s achievements and qualifications. It does not highlight any reasons why the company may want to hire the employee. Some of the world’s top recruiting managers have stated that curriculum vita alone provides little insight in to a person’s capabilities.

If achieving good grades on an exam was reflective of a person’s intelligence, employers wouldn’t even need to interview prospective employees. Over the past few years, many of the world’s top recruiting managers have highlighted the importance of a covering letter.
It is the document that managers review thoroughly before deciding whether an applicant deserves an interview or not. This is your chance to show why you deserve the job. You only have one shot to highlight your strengths and give reasons why you are the best possible candidate. We can help you set yourself apart.

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